a chip-ton of flavor is headed your way

Feel good about what you eat. Like, really good. Not only are our protein and fiber-rich chickpea chips especially nutritious, they’re exceptionally delicious (as in, I’ve had three bags today. Sorry/not sorry). Check out our flavors below.  

Himalayan Salt

A chickpea twist on a classic flavor, our Himalayan Salt chips are perfect for dipping — in guac, salsa, you name it — but still taste amazing on their own (if we do say so ourselves).

pico de gallo

More like, Pico de Gall-whoa. With a flavor this wildly delicious, every chip is like a fiesta in your mouth. So pop open a bag — let’s get this party started! 

mediterranean herbs

You know what’s delightful about the Mediterranean? (Trick question — everything.) Including the bright and delicious herbs and spices in every bite of our chips.  

why we do what we do

When it comes to great flavor, nutritious food and caring for our planet, we never compromise. And neither do you. Our dedication to healthy living is why we do what we do.

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