Say yum to nutritious

A good-for-you snack that tastes great? We’ll eat to that. Introducing: Kibo — chickpea chips filled with an amazing yes-I-WILL-have-another-handful flavor.


Never a dull mouthful

All of the mmm. None of the meh. Prepare your taste buds for impossibly delicious (and always nutritious) chips. Every bite is better than the last — and better for you.

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Consider your
expec-taste-ions raised

Who ever said food that’s good for you has to taste like salted cardboard? Not us — and definitely not you. With tons of protein and fiber, our chickpea chips were made for you, packed with nutritious ingredients you love.

Enough chatter. Let’s get snacking! 

Experience the amazing flavor of kibo for yourself.

Right from our start

We’re big fans of nutritious food, taking care of our planet and snacks that taste incredible. So we made a chip that’s all about all three. Learn more about our mission.

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